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Mobo WiFi - WLAN Cipher Tools


Mobo WiFi is a free shared WiFi tool which allows you to automatically connect to password protected networks shared with the community swiftly. Mobo WiFi, your favorite WiFi cipher tools.Mobo WiFi tool Features:✓ One click to connect whenever a free shared WiFi hotspot is available✓ No ADs, low storage volume required✓ Satisfies users from 90 countries✓ Auto sync WLAN passwords between your multiple Android devices✓ 10,000 free shared WiFi hotspot increasing everyday
Mobo WiFi is especially useful in public spaces like parks, coffee shops and at large gatherings like conferences where the WiFi hotspot is meant to be free open but is password protected.
After installing Mobo WiFi, you can choose to share password of a WiFi hotspot in range which allows nearby Mobo WiFi users to automatically connect to that WiFi hotspot when theyre in WLAN range. Cipher tools breaks information for each letter up and spreads it out in the encoded message.
We are a free shared WiFi community, if you are satisfied with our service, the best in return is to become a WiFi master to share other Mobo WiFi user a new free WiFi hotspot.
Launch Mobo WiFi on your Android mobile phone, go to the "Connect" tab, click "WiFi Key Search" to search for available WiFi hotspot nearby. 100,000 hotspots are shared and can be connected for free.
Once an encrypted WiFi hotspot is shared by owner, a blue key icon will appear next to the hotspot listed. Blue Key Hotspots can be connected by retrieving secure encrypted password from our clound database.
Auto Connect can be used after you search for a WiFi hotspot, saving time of re-typing password. Feel free to share Mobo WiFi hotspot for fast and easy Auto Connect, so that your friends and family won’t need to seek WiFi hotspot again.
Tapping WiFi hotspot and select Manual Connect, you can type in the WiFi password to get connected. In this case, Mobo WiFi serves as your one-stop WLAN assistant, without troubling you to open the other WiFi menus.
Mobo WiFi is also WLAN cipher tools. You can also try breaking a WLAN with weak password with it. Pretty strong cipher tools. WLAN cipher tools will not invade your privacy, after breaking a WLAN password, WLAN cipher tools will delete the password from server.
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Mob WiFi is completely free to use,Visit us to know more about Mobo WiFi, your favorite WLAN cipher tools:Webpage: http://www.mobowifi.comFacebook: